Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer adventures

We love going to the beach with the Holmes. This beach had lots of driftwood. Conner found this jelly fish and is brave enough to touch it. Gross. 

Justin found this seaweed and I was fortunate to stand close enough by him to get whipped. It hurt and was gross and slimy. The kids love all of the treasures they find there. 

Cooper loves to just eat and put his food in the sand. At least that is where it ends up. 

I was trying to be artisey and capture Cooper's footprints in the sand. You can tell that this kid never sits still he is always running around. It is so hard to walk in sand but this kid loves it. He doesn't like the water it is too cold for him, so that makes it easier for me to keep track of him. They didn't turn out as cool as I had envisioned them too but oh well. 

The boys had a blast adding more wood to this fort and playing inside of it. A boy haven for sure. We spent most of the day there. 
Conner has such a good smile. It was such a nice day at the beach. Usually we are cold but it was perfect with lots of sunshine. 

Our favorite part was we saw these dolphins and we ran along the beach watching them. They were so cool and there was quite a few different pods. I first thought it was a shark and got nervous but Niko set me straight. 

We went up to mt. Diablo with the Holmes, Mills and Jensens one afternoon. It reminds me of city of rocks. It was a blast and the kids loved climbing. Justin fell and hit his head after we were there for 2 minutes but other than that we had a good time. 

The kids loved to climb high and then they loved to slide down. We have ruined quite a few different pair of pants in our visits to Mt. Diablo. 

We drove up to the submit to get a better view. Pretty exciting. We are lucky to have such good friends that love taking adventures with us. 

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