Monday, September 16, 2013

backyard inventions

This Hammock was in my mission box. It wouldn't fit so I gave it to the kids thinking they might enjoy it. Justin hung it up between two trees and the kids love it. They are always pushing Cooper in it. I bought one in Ecuador because Craig brought one back from his mission. I am amazed at how much the kids love it especially Cooper. 

We made Justin take down his fort because it was fire hazard. He had all of the these branches that we so dry. Well that didn't discourage him. So he dug the hole deeper and made this fort. I love seeing his knots. He just makes them up and they seem to work. He even bought this tarp with his own money. He was super bummed it was too small but all of the kids love it. They haven't attempted to sleep in it yet. 

The Rope Swing. Justin wanted a new rope swing up in the yard. So he kept throwing this rope up in the tree. He finally got it up there. He threw a yellow one up first that is tied to the back that is supposed to anchor the swing down. Then he tied all of these knots so they could climb up it. I am still nervous that someone will fall but they love to swing. I have even swung on it. Kate even climbs to the top and loves it. She is as much of a tom boy as they are. They like to step on the ladder on the fort and swing across the yard. My poor garden has suffered some but it was already not doing well. 

The Holmes and David were over. They decided to make canon balls with dirt. They had 162 of them by the time they were done. They did this in one afternoon. They were a little hard and scary and in the end they catapulted them not at each other. I found stashes of them all over my yard. 

This is the station they made behind the garage complete with water and dirt to make them. I am not sure how I didn't see them doing it. They sure get creative in our yard. There is always plenty of dirt and they love it. 

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