Sunday, September 8, 2013

Job Site Tour

Jon's work is awesome. They put on this job tour for families. The kids loved it and we walked through this jail they are building in Stockton.

The kids especially loved the hats they decorated  and the shirts they gave them, but the safety goggles were a hit.

They let the kids drive these mules around the job site. It made me a little nervous it isn't like the farm because they are too many big machines around. We took the kids for a couple of rides. It was awesome. It is a huge prison with tons of buildings around it was pretty awesome.

Don't they look like they could be hard workers. Jon took the boys and let them drive the mini excavators. They thought it was pretty awesome.

The had all these crafts for kids like a stepping stones and necklaces and building cars. It was actually a lot of fun and they even fed us lunch.

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