Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cousin Camp

We enjoyed spending time at Cousin Camp the end of August. Grandma Snow planned a weeks worth to activities for the kids. Boy it was awesome. Conner made this necklace that hey wore all week and loved it.

Grandma made it so fun for the kids. Conner was especially excited about the shirts she made them with bee's on them. I couldn't wash it fast enough.

They had different families do devotionals at night. G&G had a  faith walk where we had to try to make the kids get off of the rope. The kids loved it.
Justin spelled the word timber. Don't ask where he got it.

The kids just soaking up all the time they can with Grandpa and loving it.

We were trying to convince Justin to step in the pool.

All of the cousins plus the Smart kids down the street. 20 kids in all for a week of fun. So we had Josh, Ben and Evan. Joe, Jon, James, Sarah and Rachel Fillmore. Lindsey Smart in their ward with her 3 kids. Josh, Ellie, and Chase. Ethan, Becca, Sadie, Bridgett Snow plus our 5 kids. It was a lot to feed but she had an awesome menu which made it really easy.

Evan cracks me up. He always had something funny to say. He is so quirky and he was favorite kid to hang around with during scout camp.

Their neighbor let us come and see her two tortoise's that she has in her backyard. Cooper loved them.

We went to Carpenteria to have fun at the beach. We couldn't stay long because we had to get back for dinner. The kids loved it of course.

Cooper loved the licorice. It seems like we always have sandy licorice at the beach. They go together.

The kids made their own crayons. Lindsey did this for her activity. The Mom's did an activity during the day. Gena had them decorate notebooks. That was a huge hit. Cousin Sarah had them make cupcakes and decorate them. I took them to the park to play some outside games. Valerie did a magic show and did such a good job. The kids loved it.

Grandma paid to have a professional ballerina come and put on a party for the girls. Kate, Rachel, Becca and Sarah looked so beautiful. She did their hair sprayed with glitter and they got tutu's and hairbows. Kate had to change her skirt so that she could look beautiful. She taught them a dance and they put it on for the boys. It was so darn cute. They just loved it. We painted them toe nails as well.

The boys trying to show the girls up and tried to put on their own dance.

Tim drove all night to come and see the family. It was fun to see him and get a picture in our matching Jamba Juice shirts. He still works at Jamba Juice in Provo.  He is such a good kid.

Sarah had the kids make these despicable me cupcakes. Conner loved it and made sure he did his perfect. It was a fun activity. I am not sure what Taylor made. The kids loved the frosting paint that they sprayed on that is why they look so purple.

We swam almost every afternoon at their community pool. The kids loved it. We loved having Val's kids come. Their boys are so much fun.

Grandma set up a chocolate making class for the grandkids. The lady did such a good job with the kids. They loved it and especially loved eating it. I love the difference between Conner's tray and Taylor's. Conner really loves to make things and takes his time doing it really nice. This is a marshmellow they covered it with white chocolate and dipped it in sprinkles.

The kids loved the crunch bar stars they made. They painted the design on with chocolate then they added the chocolate then put it in the freezer. It was awesome. She did the class for like an hour and half.

The last night she had a big meal at the church. Taco Bell. They she played games to teach them the articles of faith and they had to pass them off.

The girls loved their tutu's.

The theme of the camp was Believe so she had all of these fun stuff to do with bee's.

They gave little awards to the kids. They picked words they thought described them. They did this weeks prior with Matt and Elyse. I was so impressed with how spot on they were. Taylors word was Inquisitive, Justin Energetic, Conner Appreciative, Kate Enchanting, Cooper speedy. The kids thought they were great.

Sarah drew this plate for her and had the kids sign it as a thank you. We truly have the greatest grandparents. Her goal of the camp was to get the cousins together and teach them the gospel in fun ways. She did just that. I thought she did a great job.

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