Monday, August 5, 2013

Mom's b-day

Mom turned sixty this year. So we wanted to do something for her. So we had Dad watch the kids and we took her and Grandma to Denny's. It is new in town and we are always limited on options, but we all had sandwiches and I didn't think it was too bad. I loved hearing about how Grandma got a kick out of someone missing their seat at Big Jud's and how hard she laughed. We left Dad will all of the kids plus two sleeping. I think we took longer than he thought we would but he was good to watch them. It was fun to get out. We love you Mom!

Mom doesn't really like cake so we made a watermelon cake with fruit and cool whip. It was Lisa's idea.

The kids made her a card and they signed her name and Lisa got some of her favorite candy, red hots, cinnamon bears. I loved how Justin and especially Conner signed their names.
We loved seeing Natalie and Matt and their two kids.

Feeding the baby cows with Grandma is our favorite thing to do on Sunday's. Usually she has quite the help doing it.

I love how hard they are working to push the hay up to the cows. It cracks me up bare feet and all.

We took Mom to Dairy Queen Mindy, Lisa and I and loved it. Mom is pretty awesome. She was always cooking cleaning and helping Dad out as well. I wish I could be more like her the way she doesn't stress out about things that don't matter and she always smiles.

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