Monday, August 5, 2013


Quotes From our Idaho trip
"I'm the King of the Castle, You're the Dirty Rascal!" -Gavyn
Craig had a banana creamie, and mom saying 'you couldn't have found a better one'  Craig- I know I like the banana ones.  She meant Michelle, not his creamie!
Ching! Ching!-Lucy with the suckers
Chade what are you doing, where are you going? (headed onto the farm)  'Mom, somebodies speaking Spanish!'
Chade coming up from downstairs huffing and puffing and put out. 'Stupid castle, I wanted to play with it.'  (the girls were playing with it...)
Talk of TPing Jessica
Loo Loo
YOLO=You only live once.
We were headed on a walk/run and stopped by Grandmas, she said, 'I could outrun you if I was your age.  They used to ask me to come outside when we were at school so the boys could race me.  They never beat me, I was fast.'
Taylor told Gavyn that he needs to man up.
Watching studio city, labor pains and laughing late at night when all the kids are in bed.
Jaynee saying that Grandma has a good smile.

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