Monday, August 5, 2013

4th of July

Kent took his boat out on the river after our Hansen family reunion. Conner is already telling him to go faster. They loved getting out on the tube. It was a lot of fun.

Jon doing a roman candle with Conner. These are my favorite fireworks to light off for some reason.

We got some lightning games going. My favorite was when I asked Dad to help me get ready he spent like an hour pumping up balls and finding them for us. I think Craig still beat all of us and the line kept getting longer and longer but we sure had fun.

We went to the parade in Rupert and got all decked out in our fourth of July clothes. Conner was so excited to finally wear his flag shirt and was yelling at the boys to get theirs ready that day. We are really blessed to live in the country that we do live in. We had a great fourth with lots of family around that we love.

Boy Cooper's hair is getting long he is due for his first hair cut.

Lisa bought matching skirts for the three girls and boy did they look super cute together.

Justin and Kobe had a great time.

One of the fire works started a fire on the other side of the road. If you look close you can see Mom's arm as she is running to the barn to get some water. They kids thought it was so cool and they put it out quick.

It was fun to get out on the boat and I even loved the tube.

I love rice crispies and I made them for the reunion. Mom did a great job at getting all of the Hansen's together at Jackie's new house. It was fun to see Heather, Brandon and their kids.

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