Monday, August 5, 2013

Family pictures from Michelle

I think Michelle did it once again and pulled off some awesome pictures of our crazy family. It is not easy getting that many kids to look and smile. In this picture Lisa and Mindy were cracking me up with their dancing. I couldn't have done it without Lisa's help getting clothes for the kids and she did my hair to top it off as well. I made the kids get in their clothes 3 times once before Jon came and 2 other times to try and get the best lighting. I love that we just do it in the backyard so I have a piece of Idaho to look at. I loved the basket that Cooper climbed it and all of the pictures turned out super cute. Conner once again was so excited about his picture clothes and still is. It was fun to get pictures of Jon and I together. He is so handsome I just love him.



lisa said...

I Loved how your pictures turned out! They are so cute! I love the one with you and Cooper. Best looking bunch I know! :)

Michelle Y. said...

It looks like I photoshopped a fake sky in the one of you and cooper but it was a really pretty stormy sky :)