Monday, August 5, 2013


Cooper and Brex loved to sit up in Grandpa's chair and push the buttons on his electric wheelchair. They thought they were pretty smart. They both loved that it would beep at them when they pushed the middle button. I love how Grandpa gets such a kick out them pushing the buttons and Cooper's sly smile to go with it.

I love this picture of them holding hands with big smiles on their faces. Every trip I wish I could've spend more time with them. To learn from them and to hug them a little more. Every time I would talk to Grandpa he would squeeze me with his cold hands and tell me I was his favorite. I believed every word of it and knew he would tell others the same but I didn't care. He seemed to tell me how much he loved me more and more and how proud of me he was. It made me sad to think how many more hugs will I get or how many times can I sit and just hold his hands. I try to linger longer and savor the small things about him and how he has an amazing ability to love. Every trip I am a little more grateful to be there with them. It is hard to watch them get old and listen to how hard it is. I told them it is our fault you are still here because we don't want you to go. My life was changed because of them or even better said I am probably alive because of them always watching out for us and loving us. I knew that I couldn't face them if I had done something wrong. I had to live up to what they expected me to be and I am still trying. I wish my kids felt the value of his life like I do but I know they are lucky to have them around. I love you G&G Yost.


lisa said...

I loved this. It's spot on. :) I Love G&G!!!

Michelle Y. said...

I love this post. Your grandparents are the best!