Thursday, August 8, 2013

Haircut and nails

Kim, Kate, Natalie and I went to Melissa's house to have her cute our hair. We debated how short to cut Kate's hair. She hates to have it combed. It isn't very thick but is always a mess. So we did it we cut it a cute A line and we loved it. It looked so cute on her. I think it helped that Addy has a cute bob so we tried to tell Kate to cut it like that.

I got mine highlighted and I kept it long even though I love short hair. Jon likes it when I pull it up.

It sure looks like a lot of hair. It is only the 2nd haircut she has had. I am surprised it grew so fast.
We love Jessica Scott's girlfriend. She let Kate paint her nails and wow did they ever look great. Kate just loves her.


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