Friday, August 9, 2013

a few of my favorite things about Idaho

We all went out to Kiwi Loco the last night. Trevor even got to come with the adults. We tried to convince everyone to TP Jessica, but it didn't happen. I think we went to Walmart instead. I love our late night runs. They are always hilarious.

Matt and I were quite the team out on the tractor. We plugged it a couple of times. I loved seeing his kids out there with him. Matt was so good to help. I am not sure if we made a good combination. I quit a truck that they had to tow down to the house the first round I went, but they are sure hard to shift. I love being out there and helping out it is where I can really talk to Dad.  

I took these kids with me. It was stinking hot that week in the 100's. The hay would blow in through the window so we would close it. Conner rode with me and slept the whole time. There is just something to be said about being out there to help Dad.

Justin and Kobe were trying to make a go cart with a lawn mower motor and other parts collected on the farm. I love the car seat used as a seat.

We loved seeing Scott on the weekends. This cat was so funny. It would literally give them hugs an of course Scott and Dad loved it. I don't know how that cat survived last years torture from the grandkids.

Kate loved doing the monkey bars and had these huge blisters on her hands by the end but she kept doing it.

The boys spent a lot of time in their fort that Craig built. I love the reinforced ropes for extra security. They love playing their with their cousins.

We took the kids to Kiwi Loco on afternoon. We took over the place but the kids had a blast and they love the candy you put in them.

We played annie I over one night and a bunch of other games. The kids had fun and they loved trying to find some raspberries in the raspberry patch.

Kim brought the best crafts to keep the kids busy and they loved the glow sticks. They made the funniest things. Conner loves making crafts and had a blast.


Almost all of the grandkids except Madilyn and Brian., Kate. We were lucky to get a picture. Wow can you believe how many kids they are? Michelle's baby will be number 25.

Dad found these baby bird eggs in a nest on the side of the canal. I don't 'even know how he found them I had a hard time trying to find the eggs. Then everyone had a great time skipping rocks on the bridge

The girls loved the headbands Kim brought to make from Hobby Lobby. even the boys had a great time making things.

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