Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Island Park

We had an exciting end to our trip to Idaho. We drove to Rexburg to see Julie and check out their new house. Conner threw up on the way there and Kim had Taylor and Justin. So we just kept going but poor kid and decided not to spend the night. Mom was going up to the cabin with Mindy to take her half way and we decided to go to the cabin to help her. Well we didn't even up being much help because she took Mindy all by herself and drove most of the day. Jon was given an extra day off work so we decided to stay at the cabin an extra day. It was so fun to be there it has been quite a few years. We drove through the park on Monday and made it to Old Faithful just for a picture. We didn't want to wait another hour for it to explode. We had a great time being at the cabin and Jon even stayed up late playing dominos with me. It brought back a lot of memories playing with my grandparents.

We saw mule deer( at least that is what I think my Dad said this was). This one was so close to us and Jon even took Cooper closer so he could see them. I was surprised at how many we saw.

We used to love to take pictures on the front step of the cabin so we attempted one for old time sakes. We even went hiking around the cabin. It was so nice there and really pretty.

We stopped and saw Kim, Oscar and Vanessa in Pocatello on our way home. She is 2 weeks older than Cooper but is way taller. It was fun to see her.

This bison came right down the hill in front of us as we pulled over to the side of the road. Pretty cool then it started going down the middle of the road. I felt like we could almost touch him but opted not to. You could see his eyeballs.

The kids loved these sheets the park ranger gave them to mark off the animals they saw. They really got into it. They claimed they saw eagles, and even a moose once. They marked off so many animals early on they almost got bored of seeing animals. They had had enough. We were just glad that we saw so many animals. It was awesome.

Then we drove around Yellowstone Lake and found a place to eat lunch on the beach. Wow what a view it was and there was no one there so we explored these old buildings. Jon thought they were so cool. He loves old buildings more than the beaches. I love how the grass was growing on the sides and the green grass was so pretty. They couldn't stay out of the water and we left trying to change everyone's clothes. This was the highlight of going into the park.

The kids were excited about the bat that we saw on the side of the building. I think it was alive but I didn't dare touch it.
Cooper isn't a big fan of cold water and wasn't thrilled about the beach.

Johnny's sack cabin.
We went to Johnny Sacks cabin. I always love going there and got some fun pictures of the kids.

I love seeing her smile even though it is blurred. We were on the back porch at Johnny's cabin.

Can you see their personalities in this picture? This was the best one I had. Cooper we are lucky he is sitting. He just runs everywhere. Conner is his protector and always smiles big. Kate is just Kate cute and full of it. Justin always looking for an arrow or something for his survival collection and Taylor trying to make the picture look bad on purpose and he also really loves his brother Cooper. They are great kids.  


We enjoyed taking some family pictures of Julie, Phil, Robert, and Jordan. They are such a cute family and have such a great house in Rexburg.

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Great pictures you make me miss Island Park!