Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Justin's baptism

Justin Merlin Snow got baptized July 13, in the Danville Stake Center. It was a great day for Justin. We had great family and friend support. It meant a lot to me so see how many people came to support us.

His friend Josh Long from Dublin came to his baptism. He was in his kindergarden class and helped with all of his inventions for example the bird cages.

The Holmes are like our cousins we just love these guys. We were glad to have them come as well.

Our awesome neighbors Dee and Bill. They stopped by after the baptism to bring Justin a wallet as a gift. Bill is always working in the yard and is always helping me with my yard. They are a great Christian family.
We love having Great Grandma Snow come. She came with Mom and Dad Snow and Uncle Matt came as well. She was so fun and perky trying to help cook and putting up with the late night driving. She has never been to our house so it was an extra special treat to have her with us.

We loved having Scott and Jeanette Travis and their family come from Visalia. David their son is Taylor's age and stayed with us for a week. They are so awesome to come. We did a big Nacho dinner. We did the same thing for Taylor's baptism so I wanted to do something different but I didn't. We also had the Mills and the Jensen's come from the Dublin Ward. I was touched by all of the support that we had. I made an announcement to invite his school teachers and neighbors.

We love the Blacks. They have taught both Justin and Taylor's class. They come to every baptism and are pretty amazing. They were sealed almost 2 years ago and we just love these guys.

We love the Zappatini's . Sheryl took the pictures and Ed her husband is our home teacher. It was so nice to have someone else take all of the pictures so I could try and enjoy the moment a little more.

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jocie said...

What a wonderful day! Congrats! Also, so fun to see photos of Grandma Snow. I love that woman.