Thursday, July 18, 2013

marathon & LA trip

I did my first half marathon thanks to Val and JR in Ventura, CA. The weather was great and even rained for part of it. We had to get up early on Saturday to travel an hour to get there before 7. JR had every mile planned out and told me to stop making Val go faster. I pulled away from them at mile 5 and then waited for them at the half way point. Then I ran ahead of them but I should've stayed with them. I finished 5 minutes ahead of them at 2:05. I was doing okay until the last 3 miles. My hip hurt by the end and my foot but I just tried to keep going. I loved talking to people as I passed by them and it was fun to see older people walking or running and giving it their all. It took a lot of me and a few days later I was all ready to do another one. I thought I had trained well enough but the most I ran was 10 miles. It was fun to do it. Thanks Val and JR.
We left the kids with Jon and Grandma and Grandpa Snow. They drove to Carpinteria Beach and brought the kids to play on the beach. Jon said we were only staying an hour and he was right.  Jon doesn't like going to the beach because he gets sunburned and the sand drives him crazy.

Cooper went out in the water and tripped and fell on his face. He wasn't thrilled about that and didn't go out in the water again.

Grandpa was good to build a big castle with them and they would've stayed all day.

Matt is doing a rotation in LA and is staying at G&G's. Then Elyse came from AZ to visit and we loved seeing these guys. It has almost been a year. Kate loves all of the attention they give her.

We had a big b-day party for all of the kids b-days.

Grandpa made the kids sing a popular song they knew. Miriam knew all of the words and the other kids followed. Our kids sang "Home" by Phillips Phillips.

Uncle Steve made this b-day cake for the boys b-days. It is the Oakland A's Colliseum. I love the sprinkles representing the fans. I thought it was super creative especially since he just made it up. The kids loved it.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Gena gave Kate this dancing Rapunzel ribbon that she loved dancing with it. The other boys got a ton of baseball stuff. They loved it. We enjoyed spending the weekend with our cousins. I am glad we were able to go even if we made Jon made his baseball game. He is mad because thing keep coming up on weekends that he has tickets for the A's tickets. 

Uncle Steve put on princess songs for the girls to listen to and he would dance for them. They loved every minute of it.

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jocie said...

Well done on the half -impressive!