Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baseball Season

Taylor played Little League baseball for the second year in a row. His team this year was the Yankees and Coach Brian Hall was his coach. We were excited to have the Lee's on our team their son Spencer was awesome. They are in our ward and our kids loved playing with Debbie's kids at the games.

This is what the kids would do during the games. Justin had them making bracelets and Hunter loved it.

Cooper was always a bit crazy and hard to watch but we still had fun. Sometimes the games got pretty long. We have to volunteer 8 hours to get reimbursed $175.00. So instead of doing the snack shack that Jon did last year because I had just had Cooper. We signed up to do field prep for the home games. I assumed I would do them during the week and Jon would do the weekends. It wasn't hard we had to rake the field put bases on and put chalk on the baseline and the plates. It meant I had to bring dinner and by the time the games were done we were there for 3.5 hours. Coach Brian felt bad that I had to do it most of the time but I had a lot of help from the teach Mom's.

Brian was really good to give the kids stars on their helmets for hits and pins for MVP and all stars. He really put a lot of time and money into coaching. He was good and also a bit intense at times.

Proof that Jon did make it the games when he could.

This was opening day for Little League and Taylor's team.

Poor Taylor ended up in right or center field towards the end of the season. He got discouraged very quickly poor kid. He had a hard time getting on base as well, but right before the season ended Jon was able to have more time to really practice with him. He really wanted to pitch and he did pitch a few times. I was mad at his coach because he said he would have let him pitch more if he had come to the pitching practices on Sunday. Coach Brian was really good about it when I told him from the first meeting we wouldn't do Sundays. It was hard to see him put so much into it and not do as well as he liked but over all he really enjoys the game.

This is one of the first times he pitched.

This is what he does in his spare time. This is the all star team that he wrote out.

Go Yankee's!

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Tonja said...

Happy Birthday to everybody! Way to go at baseball! I'm super impressed that you didn't play on Sunday! He'll probably end up being the most sought after pitcher because of it!