Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last day of School

We had the whole neighborhood over for a swim/mud party after school on June 13, 2013. The kids loved playing in the water and had a great time. Kate and Shona were running through the sprinklers.

We had the Holmes over and Shona as well. The kids loved the squirt guns and water balloons. My favorite comments were "I don't want to get wet, don't throw that balloon at me." They make me laugh. They had a blast and played for hours. They only crazy thing was I had 11 kids to feed all by myself but after I fed them it was better. I can't believe school is already out. It went by way too fast but we had a great year.

Kate and her two friends Haley and Shona having a great time. We are lucky to have such good friends.

Then they started getting in the mud. They always seem to find it in our backyard and this was no exception. They are ZOOMBIES. They dug this big hole and buried themselves in it. Niko was pretty excited about that.

Can you see his feet in there? After Cooper woke up from his nap he had to join the party. He quickly found the mud and got lost in it and was so excited about it.

We almost didn't let him in so he was begging at the window.

On the last day of school we spent the morning with Conner's class at the park. His teacher Mrs. Rainey was there. She left in Feb. to have her baby. She was great and really tried to get Conner the help he needed. He struggles with his reading but he loves school and tries hard.

Conner wanted Kelly to get in the picture. They were our neighbors and we helped each other get kids to school. It made the school so awesome. We would trade weeks taking the kids to school. I loved not having to wake Cooper up. They moved in April but we still helped each other out. They are from the UK and are an awesome family. Conner loves playing with Liam but only at our house but he did play at Liam's a few times.

Mrs. Campbell was the new teacher for the last couple months of school. She was great. She thought Marianne was my sister. She student taught in pathways and knew Marianne. She didn't know I knew Marianne but she thought we looked alike. We get that a lot.

This was our troop we were taking home from school. We always traveled in big groups to cause a scene. We didn't make it far before Taylor had to got back and get his report card.

Conner with Lucas and the other kids at the school party.
Justin's teacher Ms. Gee who had two years in a row. He loved her and had a great 2nd grade year.

Mrs. Balko is such a great teacher. Taylor loved her and would do anything she asked. They did this health unit at the end of the year and he really caught onto it. He said "I was flabbergasted when they told me I am only supposed to eat a handful of rice at each meal. " She really was amazing and she requested him to be in her class so we really were blessed that she was such a great teacher.

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