Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kyle and Michelle's visit

We just LOVE  Myanna's funny faces she makes. We had such a blast having Kyle and Michelle come to visit for almost a week. It was fun to get out and do stuff. They came the week after school got out. I can't believe they came it was so much fun to have them with us. This is the first of our many adventures together. We took the to Tilden and rode the train and then we went to the petting zoo and half books afterwards. It was good times for sure and they were such good sports about it because we had Dallin and Jocey with us all week and they had to take an extra kid in their car.

The beginning of our crazy adventures together. I love this small train and never tire of sitting in the small cab cars going through the mountains passes. Then we took them to the petting zoo and fed the animals lettuce and celery. We just need to take them out to the farm and feed our cows, but their is something about going to this farm and feeding the animals.

I loved seeing Charlie and Cooper trying to chase the chickens. Then we found this path to hike and it took us to this pond that the kids hiked around. We saw a bunch of turtles in the pond and it was fun to hike around and the kids had a blast. Charlie is quite the kid. We got such a big kick out of him and his crazy personality. It took us awhile to get smiles out of Myanna. Jon loved getting her to smile because she is so shy and Brayden was great and good along with the boys.

Muir Woods.

We took them to see the redwoods. I love going to Muir Woods. It is always so green and pretty and the kids love hiking and climbing inside of the trees. I am always amazed at how pretty it is there and how tall the trees are. We kept getting all of these weird looks. 3 adults with 10 kids. They were really good but we did take them quite a few places while Kyle was here.

Stinson Beach
This is the only picture we got of the beach. It was super cold and windy. It was really sunny but that dang wind, so we didn't stay too long. Charlie did manage to fall face first in the sand and he couldn't figure out to get it off of his face.
                                                                    Happy Hollow
We took them to happy hollow. It has a little zoo and rides the kids could ride on. It was hot and a bit crowded and we did lose the kids once but other than that it was fun.

The kids loved the crooked house that had this slide they kept going up over and over. They could have stayed here all day.

Cooper loved the rides and thought it was the greatest thing.

Kyle waited in line with the older kids so they could sit in this dragon train. They thought it would be a bit more exciting of a ride but it wasn't.

Kate was a bit terrified to ride this if you can tell but the other kids loved it. Taylor doesn't like rides very much and we couldn't convince him to go on these.
                                                                   San Francisco

We took them to the pier to see the sea lions but we only saw one which is unusual but still great fun. Then we walked around fishermans wharf and had clam chowder and fish and chips. It always tastes so good.

Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point

Taylor was trying to put Cooper in the canon he wasn't super thrilled.

This is one of our favorite places to go. It is always super windy and a bit scary with the kids. You can walk on top and see where they had all of the canons. This was an old military base underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

Charlie was super scary and was going to climb right over the top rail and Kyle thought he was so funny.

Jon is so cute.

We walked the bridge, Yeah!

The kids loved looking out the windows in the fort.


Poor Charlie we wore him out everyday by going so much. We love this kid and his crazy energy.

I love this picture of Brayden. It was so fun to have them at our house. We wore Michelle out but she was such a trooper through it all. We enjoyed staying up late playing Dominion and Kyle got so good at it and beat us every time. We tried to beat him at lightning as well but he also won us. The last night Kyle helped Jon put up a fan in Kate's room and fix out basketball hoop. We appreciated his help. They were so fun to have here and they even stayed and drove to Idaho with me. They kept Kate almost the whole ride and it was so nice. I only had her the last two hours and it was terrible. So thanks Kyle and Michelle for coming to see our family. They are awesome and we loved their kids.

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