Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shona's b-day party!

Conner came with us to Shona's b-day party even if it was a princess party. Caroline did it at her house and did a great job with that many kids. He loves his Tie Dye shirt he made from a kit my Mom gave us.

Caroline bought Kate a dress for her b-day to match Shona's. I thought they were stinking cute. I loved the little tiara's the girls got. They were both alittle different but super fun. I am not sure how to interpret Kate's smile. I know I am cute don't remind me.

They are moving to Tracy so will miss them. Kate loves Shona and is always showing off to her.

They loved that their dresses could twirl.

It was crazy just trying to fed them but they loved it. I was glad I stayed even,  if with Cooper I wasn't a ton of help.

Princess cupcakes that Melissa made for the kids.

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