Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justin's 8th b-day

Can you see Justin with all of the camo stuff he got for his b-day? We took him to Bass Pro Shop before his b-day. He was so funny. His eyes got really big when he saw all of the survival stuff. I can still remember his eyes when he saw this backpack that is bigger than he is. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. We already had some stuff for him but we ended up getting this for him because he was so excited about it. He had another backpack that he filled will all sorts of survival things so we just added to it.  He loves this stuff. Justin's first name should have been Merlin and not Justin. He reminds me so much of Dad. He is such a good kid and we are glad to have him in our family.

I let the kids decorate his cake and they just kept finding more and more toys to put in it. Awesome.

Hunter gave him this wire saw and he was thrilled about it.

We had the Mills and Holmes over for dinner and cake.

Justin just loves Mason Holmes. He is a biologist and his primary teacher and a rockstar in Justin's eyes.

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