Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kate's preschool graduation

Kate's little preschool group this year. It was a great year. We only had one boy in our class but the kids we so easy and fun. I loved Michelle's idea with the white shirts and hats. The kids made their own colorful hats and loved them. Then we put a black sheet up and we were suddenly very professional. The kids thought it was fun.

Emily's hat was a bit big.

Abby, Courtney, Jace, Shona, Emily and Kate our big graduates.

We didn't have to buy curriculum this year because we had some Mother Goose from last year. I felt like the kids had fun. I love my girl Kate with all of her personality. We had mostly Mom's from the Dublin ward in our group and of course Shona. Kate will miss it and so will I. I could drag Cooper around to do errands and he didn't beg for treats.

Caroline brought a bouncy house and the kids loved it. We set it up in the backyard and the kids were so entertained even Cooper loved jumping in there. 

Kate only ate cheetos. She must be related to me. We had a fun little party.
Kate showing off her certificate. We love ya Kate!

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Crazy amounts of cute.