Sunday, June 9, 2013

A free Saturday!

This girl loves her Dad. I told her Dad was going to watch her while I went to something and she said "oh good because I love to kiss him." We didn't have a baseball game which was so nice so we took the kids hiking in Las Trampas. It is only 20 minutes from our house. The kids loved it. There was trails to hike.

I caught the boys with their arms around each other. They can be such good friends at times and other times they can be mean to each other. They almost look like twins.

Kate just enjoyed the candy we brought.

We decided to try going up a hill thinking it would flatten out. We climbed 10 more of these. They were good sports but not so much right here.

We were glad we could push the stroller. It would have been super hard carrying Cooper.

The kids were doing their best "bernie lean" impression.

I sure love all of my crazies. You know we had a lot of fun even though it wasn't easy hiking. We had a great view though.

Justin was trying to catch this lizard but didn't have any luck.

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