Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Open House

We went to Taylor's room first. He read Charlotte's web and made a pig vocabulary book. 

Mrs. Balko had the kids pick a character to dress up as and they had what you called wax museum. They had to dress up and if anyone touched his stick then he would give this whole speech about Davy Crockett. He was always giving his speech. They taught him all of these actions to emphasize his words. He was pretty awesome. 

Mrs. Balko is quite the teacher. She has a son named Taylor and a dog named Cooper. She adores Taylor and really  invested a lot into him. She met Taylor last year at the wax museum and requested that he be in her class. It has been such a good year thanks to her. 

Cooper and I went to see his preform at school. They did this 15 times for other  classes all week. I am just glad his teacher had the costume. 

Just was so excited to show us his fish, his flat stanley. I only got one picture sadly because Cooper was a mess. Go Justin! 

Conner was so excited to show us his artwork. I love what he wrote here. He really just wants to be like his Dad in every respect. 

He sat and read us his books he made. 

I am not sure how he remembered this story and I think he poked himself in the eye. He was still recovering from one head would when he did this. Both times he almost had to have stitches. 

When I get bigger I go to the army. Part of me hopes not but don't tell him that. 

I couldn't believe this awesome art work that he did. He loves art and really gets into it. 

This does sound like us. 

This is his teacher Mrs. Campbell. When I asked how he was doing in class she said he is doing a lot better with his sight words. She said he is so particular when he writes that he is always erasing things and it takes so long to even get three sentences out of him. It has just taken him longer to be able to read, but he really tries hard. He actually has good handwriting.  He is funny about certain things being perfect. He is a good kid and we love him. 

I am glad they have open house the boys get to shine and really show off all of their hard work. I can't believe the year is almost over. Crazy! I love Conner's self portrait. All of them have had such good teachers. 

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