Wednesday, June 5, 2013

beach bums

We went to Monterey for Joe's eagle project. Afterwards we walked to the beach to swim. We loved having Grandpa with us. Now I know why Taylor puts up his two fingers for all of our pictures he gets it from Grandpa. 
Conner loved being in the water. 

The kids enjoyed making a castle of some sort and didn't seem bothered by the tide ruining it. 

Kate loves her cousins. It is always fun to see them. The beach  Lover's point is a 10 minute walk from their house. It was great. Jon went to Costco with Grandma to escape the beach trip. I have to have proof for the kids that I have taken them to the beach since Jon doesn't like the beach. 

They are toasting Jon because he got a promotion at work. He was embarrassed that I told them about him. He is now a senior estimator which I thought he was before and he gets a company car. We will have to figure out what to do with the mini Cooper. 

Jon drove up that morning early to help plant for Joe's eagle project. He took Justin and Conner I took Taylor to a game  and then drove to Monterey. It was fun to see Aunt Ann also. 

This is proof that his hair is growing on the top and on the back but not really underneath. It is pretty darn funny. 
The beach turned out to be much colder than he would have liked it to be. 

He loved the sand and spend a long time running his hands through the sand like this and was  mesmerized that the sand was staying on his hand. We love this kid. He is so curious always trying to figure things out for himself. 

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Cami your pictures are great!