Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day

Elvis came to visit us for breaksfast Mother's Day.  He left Kate some pants that she calls  her Elvis pants. A friend gave them to us a couple of years ago and Kates found them in a box and was immediately excited about them. Awesome!

Conner was so excited about his card he made in school.

The kids helped make me an awesome breakfast. My favorite biscuit and gravy with strawberries and cranberry juice.
I always overeat on this stuff. It is so good. They made a great lunch of granola and yogurt and California tacos for dinner. I am so lucky to have great kids and a great husband. Jon had Sister Dee's in our ward teach me how to make yummy chocolates. I spent a couple hours with her learning how to make truffles. I thought it was a great idea and it was fun to spend time with her. She calls her chocolates Dee's candy instead of See's candy. The kids are excited to have me make some chocolate. 

I love Conner's plate he made in school. I remember doing these in school. 

When Kate heard about the kids making things for me. She wanted to make something too so she spent like an hour coloring pages for me. This was is a roller coaster. 

I love my little guy. I had Jon take some pictures after church of all of the kids. I decided I am never in the pictures so I  had him take some. 

He is going to be a tetherball player I just know it. He loves to stand on the tire and hit the ball. 

This is the best one I could get of the kids. I am lucky to be their Mom. 

The boys picked out flowers for Kate as well as me. Because she is a girl and will  someday be a Mom.
I do love my little girl. 

This is Taylor's card that he made me. I love the inside that says.
                                                                       M-most caring
                                                                       O-  One of your best talents is sewing
                                                                       T-the most beautiful to me. 
                                                                       H- Haven't met another person as caring as you. 
                                                                       E- Each person we pass admires you
                                                                       R- Rock on Mom.

This is a book Justin made for me.
"My Mom's dark brownish hard lays on her pink and white shirt curly. Her beautiful green eyes swivel back and forth as he walks. Her metal necklace and the metal disics jingle when she walks and shimmers when the sun is down. My Mom is a super good artist and when she was younger she took art lesson's. Her pink clothes match her white shirt. "
"My Mom is special because she lets me buy rope and Z curve bows and arrows. My Mom is special because she makes food for me and lets me help. My Mom is special because she lets me play on PBS kids.

This is from Lisa's blog. I thought she did such a good job. That I copied hers and wanted to add a few things of my own to the list. 

I tried to write down some things to describe my mom, and things I admire about her:

She is the most patient and unselfish person in the world.
She believes in doing a job right the first time.
Going the extra mile is just what you do.
Will not take something or take less just to make sure everyone got some or more.
She always had the scriptures out and around.
Her life revolves around continuously spoiling her kids and grandkids.
Even has a drawer full of toys/gifts/prizes for the kids.
I'm proud of her for doing a 5K with me and Kim.
Happiness is a choice, and one she's always reflected.
Always serving.
Her Chocolate Milk.
The ultimate resource manual for church callings, gardening, family home evening, scouts, etc.
Constantly doing laundry
Loves flowers
Always doing something, cleaning, cooking, running errands, etc.
Paul Harvey, and Steve Mitton radio
Loves red hots, hot tamales, cinnamon bears, chocolate
Her one contact.
The food storage to feed the whole county.
Cami's list
She can grow anything. Always has an awesome garden and is working to keep it that way. Her flowers in front are always so pretty.
Has parts of all our patriarchal blessings memorized and has often repeated phrases from my own in hard times.
She can sew anything and isn't afraid to unpick it a few times to get it right.
Loves being a Mom and we knew it.
Never complained that the minute we came home from school we destroyed the room and left things all over the house.
She was always waiting up for us when we got home late.
Never buys anything for herself.
Is a good cook and can make anything taste good.
Loves salads and sunflower seeds.
Is always a good listener when I call but never pries too much into personal affairs.
Knows just how to serve and  is so good to G&G Yost.
The water jug with an ice block is always in the kitchen in the summer. She loves her cold water.
Is always doing something in the shop from putting up bead board to doing her own crown molding or the bathrooms.
Isn't afraid to start a project.
Loves Girls Camp. I loved all the memories of her at camp with me. She was always so good in Young Women's. The girls loved her.
She loves being a missionary Mom and was so proud of each of us for going on a mission.
Is simply amazing. I love you MOM!

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