Friday, May 17, 2013

Conner's 6th b-day

 This one was on his favorite gifts. A kite from Jace Jensen. I don't know how many times he raced around the backyard flying his kite with the little wind we had it was almost perfect for him. 

Conner helped me make his cake. He did most of it and was so excited to crush the oreos with a hammer.  I have a long way to go in the cake making area because I just keep making rice crispies. Don't tell the kids I think frosting ruins them. 

The house decor they get so excited to decorate the house. 

He got a remote control helicopter that he really enjoyed. It even could shoot missiles.  It took him awhile to get the hang of it and it spent more time on the ground. 

He loves his Dad and was anxiously waiting for him to come home from work so we could have his party. He loves clothes so we got him star wars pajamas that on the front it says my good side and on the back it says my bad side. 

He was so excited about the hat he got at school. 

Cooper was more excited about the a's ball Conner got. 

He loves Old Navy jeans and so we got his two of them to wear instead of looking in the dryer every morning for the same pair. 

He loves his a's jersey he got. He even picked it out so he can wear it to all of the games with his brothers. 

Kate picked this car out for him at the disney store and he knew right where we got it and was pretty excited. 

For breaksfast he wanted eggos with strawberries and cream. Yeah!

I took Conner to In and Out for Lunch. We took our friend Hailey Holmes and Liam Porter.  We were kindof a crowd but it was so fun. Love that place. 

They loved being able to fly their kites.
A few things about Conner.
Loves to draw, paint, color and has made some really neat artwork in school.
Is very much a perfectionist and has to write things until they are right.
Loves clothes and is very particular about what he wears.
Loves Cooper and loves to take his hands and run around with him. He claims he taught him to run.
Loves to do whatever his brothers are doing.
Is trying very hard to read even though he struggles with it he will always work on school stuff when I ask him to.
Loves to snack especially an hour after lunch up until dinner.
Loves shoes.
Loves to sleep on the ground with his brothers or somethings on a good night,  in the bed.
Loves to practice hitting the baseball in the backyard.
Loves strawberries.
Loves to be my helper and water the garden.
Loves his gray Nike Jacket and wears it every day. He puts his hoodie on and in class his teacher always has to tell him to take it off.
Leaves my dryer open every day looking for just the right wardrobe.
It is hard to believe his is already 6. We sure love our boy Conner.

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Michelle Y. said...

You have quite the birthday extravaganza in May and June :) We can't wait to see you guys in almost a month.