Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kate's 4th b-day

This was her gift from Conner. A marker he wrapped himself that he got from school. I love this kid. 

Kate and Shona fairy girls. Kate got this dress up dress for her b-day and the fairy wings. She has been really excited about fairy's. I wondered if a white dress was a good idea. She loves it and calls it her rapuzel wedding dress. 

The rice crispy cake that Niko made . Kate of course picked the color of frosting. Lisa gave me the idea to make a tower out of a cup. I didn't know we were going to put all of the characters on it. 

Jon said we needed to buy better b-day decorations. He came with me to Party City and we had fun picking out banners, a b-day hat and lanterns. The kids loved helping me along with our neighbor Haley. 

She got a Minnie Mouse nightgown. 

This was Jon's idea and she loves it 

We enjoyed having the Holmes over to celebrate with a rice crispy cake and strawberry shortcake. 

We thought the hat would be fun. She wore it to school.

I stayed up till 12:30 trying to sew this dress for her. I thought it would be fun to have a dress hanging up in her room for her. The straps were too big, but oh well. 

These two loved playing with her Tangled figurines 

I took Shona, Conner and Kate to Dairy Queen for lunch and icecream. 

Kate loves her supercape that Grandma made for her. I love it.

Just a few thoughts about her.
Loves to get her Dad back rubs and always wants him to lay by her in bed so he can get a back rub.
Thinks she is beautiful and loves her long hair.
Is always trying to steal the show from Cooper.
Is quite the wrestler and can be just as wild as the boys.
She tries to be good.
This girl loves to run and is actually pretty fast.
She has almost as many shoes as clothes.
She tries to see how many clothes she can change in one day.
She loves to wear mismatched socks with her red Dorothy shoes.
She thinks you should get her something every time we take her somewhere.
Loves to Snack always and has to take snacks with her everywhere.
Has this sly cute smile that always brings a smile to our faces.
Loves to help me cook.
Loves purses.

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