Friday, May 10, 2013

Backyard traps

I never imagined what the kids could turn our backyard into. They must have some Idaho blood in them.   In the back of our yard against the fence was their favorite place to be. We decided to move our square foot gardening boxes over there. We needed more sun and we were not having very much luck growing anything. Now the boys have taken over the side yard and loved every minute of it. The Holmes of course love to help them create things. They wrote this on our water barrel with a charred piece of wood. The next couple of pictures are their creations and more squirrel traps. They are definitely still in the business of trapping them with minimal success. 

This is the hut they made with the Holmes and the Mills kids came over as well.  It started out as a big hole then they figured out how to prune my trees and use all of the branches. Apparently it is very hot inside. Grandpa Merlin would be proud of them. Maybe this will count for anasazi. Now this was a project that took them a couple of weeks to do. I never know what they are creating only that they are having fun. I had no idea our backyard was so full of adventures in imagining. I was just bummed because half of it was taken up by our shop, but that has proven to be great for the air hockey table and projects and they love to play in there. I have grand visions of it being all nice and landscaped but not for now. They love to play baseball and we lose more balls over the fence than nobody's business. I will be sad for the day when they outgrow it but for now bring on the backyard adventures. 

Justin and Hunter could have slept out there if we would have let them. 

This is a squirrel trap. Justin is prepared to hit the stick that will then snap the tree up and hit the squirrel. Then bam it's that easy to catch a squirrel. 

This is another trap invented by Hunter and Justin.  You tie the end up to a tree then you cut the rope that is holding it up. Then the wood part swings down and hit the squirrel and knock him out. It is that easy. 

The same trap just more shots so you can get the full effect. 

These are the fire pit. The rope is to hang an animal so they can roast the squirrel  or animal over the fire. 

Both traps set and ready. 

The Hut that is really hot. 

Just incase you were wondering who comes in our backyard here is proof. 

4 braid by Justin. He gets so excited about making bracelets for his Dad. He is always making something in the backyard. 


Tonja said...

That's Awesome! Super creative!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

I got a good laugh out of that. I hope they catch a squirrel someday. You might have to catch one and put it in his trap. Too funny. Who knew a backyard in the middle of California could be so fun.