Friday, May 10, 2013

Cousin adventures

Val and JR came for the weekend and we traded going to the temple. It was great then we went to a baseball game for Taylor. To top the weekend off we went to Mt. Diablo to have a barbecue with the Holmes. Great times. 

Poor Jon was miserable the afternoon because of his allergies so he was great to still come. 

The kids loved climbing these huge rocks and ripping holes in their pants. It was fun .  Their was all of these rocks slides that they would slide down. Boy did they go fast and love it. The first time we went to Rock City it scared me to death. The rocks are high and the kids climbed way up high. Now they are older we just let them go and they have a blast. 

We had smores yeah!. I loved how Hailey had 3 marshmellows on at one time. 

Kate beat her with four. 

The whole clan besides our cousins that left earlier. Taylor and Hunter had to cook an outdoor meal  to finish their wolf requirement. I am not sure how much they cooked the food but they had a blast. 

The Holmes feel like our family. The kids get along well and are always excited to see each other. 

The kids had fun climbing up in the cave. 

Proof that Jon went to show the kids later that we went camping for a night. 
We had a great dinner for 21 people. 
This is what Cooper loved doing. He thought it was a blast to play in the sand and dirt. He does this at home. He loves to sit under the playhouse and get all dirty. It was a fun evening.

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