Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Lucas, Conner and Liam swimming on the lawn in the sprinklers. The weather has been super nice in the 90's. Paul in Conner's class invited the boys to swim, but I declined. I wasn't too excited about bringing 6 kids under 6 swimming. So they had a blast playing in our yard. Which turned in to mud fights but lots of smiles and wet kids. I can handle this I thought. Most afternoons kids come and go and our neighbors think we run a day care. It is always fun and we are trying to create what I had on the farm in our California backyard. 

Kate had a blast swimming with her friend Lucy. 
Every time I see him this toothless kid I smile. I really enjoy having him home in the afternoon. He is always excited about what he does. He is good to always play with Kate and include her in things. 
My kids love these blocks and spend a ton of time creating things with them. Our playroom is usually clean once every couple of weeks. They made a zoo one day with them. I am just glad I can close the door because this is the first room you see when you walk in my house. I am just glad I have it and all the toys usually stay in there so their rooms our clean. 
Kate and her friend Shona also enjoy playing with the toys.  She is over a couple of times a  week and these girls are great together. 

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