Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cooper 13 months

These are some quick pictures I snapped before heading to church one Sunday.  Kate was excited to be in  them as well. How do you describe how full of life this kid is? He squeals for delight when he sees his blanket and loves to get buried in it. Conner is teaching him how to run by taking his hands and running with him all over the house. He loves dirt and loves to sit below the fort and play with dirt. Loves to get dirty and loves to play in the water. He loves to clap and he is always excited to wave to people. He does it for hi and bye he doesn't care. He just thinks he is great. He loves to tackle me and climb on my back after I change his diaper. He loves milk especially in his sippy cup. He loves animals and is always looking for birds, dogs or any animal then he squeals at them hoping they will respond. He is fearless on the slide and loves to play on the playground. He loves to push Kate and Conner on the trike. He is one tough kid. He loves books and will often sit and look through them. I think it is precious when I see him sit in the playroom full of toys and he squeals and talks when he looks through the books.  He makes me smile when things are crazy. We love our little Cooper. 

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