Friday, April 19, 2013

Our 1st pinewood derby

Taylor was lucky we were able to cut our car in Idaho. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for doing it.  He wanted to paint it to look like moldy cheese. He got the idea from Kobe. He was hoping to get first place like Kobe did, but he didn't. 

The Moldy Cheese in all of her glory. I tried to get him to paint more on it, but he loved it the way it was. An hour before we left Jon was putting the wheels on and we lost a nail, but luckily they had an extra. 

Jon had an A's baseball game so he was only able to see one race, but he got first place. 

They were super fancy and projected it on the wall. He got first place once and second the other times. He was pretty excited about it. 

Go Moldy Cheese Go. 

Taylor and Hunter had a great time. I love what a good sport Taylor was about it afterwards. I have fond memories of going with my Mom to all of the pinewood derbies with my brothers. 

Some one made these little pinewood derby cars. We had a great time. 

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lisa said...

Go Moldy Cheese! That is awesome, he did pretty good!!! I loved the pine wood derby's! I might not be saying that in a few years when I have to actually make the car. :) I'll just make a trip home too. :) Way to go Taylor!