Friday, April 19, 2013

Jon's "SPAM"tacular Birthday!

This is part of the gift Conner gave to his Dad. 2 baseball cards and the other two were some that he drew himself. I love this kid. He is so thoughtful. 

Niko helped me make  Spam Musubi. It is made with spam and eggs wrapped in dry seaweed. The kids walked around plugging their noses because they couldn't stand the smell. Jon loves these. I was glad to have help making them. I must admit that I didn't even eat one of them. 

Niko also helped me make a rice crispy cake for Jon with a bottle of Spam on top. It turned out awesome. 

The kids decorated  the house with crate paper. I loved how Justin put it on the fan. 

Conner gave him a dollar that he got from losing his tooth and a spaceship that he got from my Mom.  He wrapped  it himself and was so proud of it. 

Justin's gift to his Dad that he saved from school. Lucky Dad!

Jon loves to do trivia at work. So I got him the LOTR trivia. I was worried I wouldn't get it in time. So at 6 o'clock the night of his b-day I got his spam shirt in the mail and his game. Yeah! We couldn't have the party without his shirt. Thanks to Lisa for helping me plan the party. 

Cooper doesn't know what to think about the candles. 

Jon bought some Chima Legos to play with Taylor. The kids wanted to wrap them up and give it to him. Even though  it sat in our room for 2 weeks. We had Mason and his kids over for desert. The kids enjoyed the Legos. 

He is never too old for toys. He is a great guy and he looks especially great in his new shirt. He is such a great Dad and a great husband. I am a lucky girl 

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lisa said...

Awesome Spam shirt I must say. I love your kids gifts to Jon, they are the cutest! Glad he had a great time, and those spam seaweed things look gross. :)