Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conf. Weekend.

We went to Monterey to spend Conference weekend with Val and JR. The kids loved being with their cousins. 
Conner is so proud of how he still has his front tooth in. 

We spent the afternoon checking out the park that Joe is going to plant some flowers at for his eagle project. I was able to get a 9 mile run in with Val and JR to train for our half marathon in June. It was such a pretty run. 

Then we went to Dennis the Menace Park and Cooper loved it and was up and down the slide quite a few times.  He would climb up the ladder then turn and back down the slide by himself. He is a bit fearless. 

Kate just loves her girl cousins Sarah and Rachel. 

Conner is such a good brother and he took Cooper down this slide I don't know how many times. 

We loved spending time with Tim and he sure had fun going down this slide. 
Grandpa is so good to always chase the kids around at the park and they love every minute of it. 

This will be our last time we will see Tim before he heads off to BYU. He is always fun to spend time with. 

This is proof at how fearless and fast this kid is. He is hard to watch at  the park, but he loves every minute of it. 

We took the kids walking so we could take Grandma to see all of the old houses in Monterey. It was hard to keep the kids close by us but it was a great walk and the houses are so fun to look at. 

This is Cooper trying to get out of the stroller. He loves to pull the canopy's down. 

Justin was so excited to find a tetherball at a park and had a blast playing with Jon. 

We sang a bunch of songs to rock band and Jon and Valerie were singing away. It was a lot of fun. 

This is Justin playing the drums for one of the songs. Super intense. 

This is Kate enjoying looking at the group of seals that we saw along the beach. It is so fun that they are so close to the beach and we enjoyed taking the kids for walks. 

This is what Grandpa was doing at the beach wrestling with the grand kids in  his white shirt and loving every minute of it. I am sure people wondered what this guy in a white shirt was doing with all of these kids around him. He is so good to them. 

Cooper enjoyed meeting animals at the beach and spending time with his Dad. He is a cute kid. 

Conner was getting a sweet back rub during conference. 

This is most of the clan out walking before Conference started. I feel bad when I miss a talk  and it is hard with the  kids sometimes. There was a time in my life where I would write every word and now I am lucky to stay awake or write a few words. I am grateful to have conference. It is fun to see the kids take notes and listen to them talk about what they loved about conference. We had our second conference trivia with the Wests, Blacks, and Strong's. It was fun and the kids look forward to it. We have such a great church. I loved how Jon and Grandpa recited Articles of Faith every time the computer buffered. What a great weekend we had. 

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