Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conner the cat whisperer

Conner was thrilled because he thought he was training the cats on Grandpa Yost's farm. He had to show me every time we went outside. Uncle Kyle thought it would be funny to show him how to tease a cat with a stick, but he had no idea Conner would take it so seriously. He was chasing the cats out of the raspberry bushes just to play with them. 

This is the cat whisperer himself in action. He would run around and around in a circle and he thought he was something else. I love that he gets a thrill out of the littlest things in life. 

Grandpa Yost tried to pull his front tooth out but it wasn't loose enough. He will hardly let me touch his tooth so he was being super brave. I remember that Grandpa would put his big thumb in there and before you knew he would have your tooth out. Then he would go back in his bedroom and bring out a big handful of coins and give it to us. I thought I was so rich after that. He pulled Brayden's tooth that same day. We sure love our Grandpa. 

He is so proud that he can put his front tooth over his lip.  This tooth was like that for almost a month. 
So 2 weeks after we got back from Idaho Cooper was wrestling with Conner and knocked his tooth out. Yeah go Cooper. Cooper loves to sit on your head when he wrestles and it is hilarious to watch him. I am just glad it finally came out, because Conner wouldn't wiggle it very much. I love his big smile. He sure is a great kid!

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