Tuesday, April 9, 2013


These are some of favorite things about the farm. Feeding baby cows  on bottle. I remember when we had to put this pipe down their throats when they were young or sick. My dad would always say you have to put in the right spot or you will put it in their lungs. I am not sure how so many of them survived me. Now the kids live for Sunday's when Grandma feeds the cows and they love to help her. 

Kate showing off her other skirt that Lisa made. That girl  loved them. 

Conner almost fell in the pen trying to look at the cows. I hope my kids are as tough as I pretended to be growing up. With all of my older brothers I was always trying to prove I was strong enough. 

We loved the cotton seed and loved to jump and play in it. Sometimes it was hard to breathe and we were worried that we were going to get cancer from breathing in the dust. We loved to jump in it. 

We even used it in our weed killing potions that we used to make. With our cousins we would mix all of this stuff together and add some gasoline and once we started it on fire. I am not going to admit who's idea that was. I am just going to say I laughed and thought that Pres. Monson's talk about him lighting fires was down right funny. 

We love our Uncle Scott and all of his John Deere shirts that he wears are awesome.

The farm with all of us machinery every where in all of it's majesty. There is no junk yard that even compares to it. 

We walked up the canal with Grandma and the kids crawled through the tunnel. I can't believe that we used to float through this with water filled almost to the top. I remember once I could hardly breathe because the water was so high. We loved the checks that was probably more dangerous. I don't know how my Mom watched us we were always doing crazy stuff and loving every minute of it. 

Every one climbed through the tunnel except Taylor. So there is a small ditch that has pipe that goes under the road and dumps into the canal. 
Even Scott went through it for old time sakes. Funny kid. 

This is the road that we went back and forth to change water on the 80, 40, browns. I love how every field was named. I won't claim that I loved changing water. I love being outside. My Mom calls me a want to be California farmer. I am always trying to plant something in my back yard with minimal luck. I do love the farm and am so grateful that my kids have it to visit. We played knock, knock with G&G one night. Lisa, Scott, Jessica and I. It brought back so many good memories. I swore Grandma had a food storage of cranberry juice and chip ahoy chewie chocolate chip cookies. She always had them for me when I came home from school. Lisa remembered the brownies with cherries on the bottom. I loved them. I remembered how big Grandpa's finger looked as he put it in my mouth to pull my teeth. He made it look so easy and had them out before we even knew it and we left with riches in our pockets. Those big hands would grab handfuls of change and give it to us. I love that Grandpa said that we haven't changed one bit since we left. You know I hope not. I hope that I have that part of me always the memories that have shaped me and made me who I am. The farm girl that gets giddy every time I go down that driveway after a long drive to get back home. I am so blessed to have my grandparents be such a big part of my growing up memories. 

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