Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cooper and Brex

Cooper 1 year old and Brex 9 months. We had them in matching shirts. 

Cooper taught Brex how to pull themselves up on things. He is like and inch taller than  Cooper.  I hope they will be best of cousins and pray for each other like Chade prays for Brayden. in every prayer. 

Yes, Someone left the door open and they escaped and never looked back. 

I love his smile where he shows us all of his cute little teeth. 

Brex got such a kick out of the cows by the house and when the cow tried to lick him he loved it. 

Cooper on the other hand loved the cats and he hung onto the cats tail until he fell down and the cat dragged him for a second. I laughed so hard it was so funny. 

He loved being on the farm and he loves being outside more than anything. Look at that face with food all over it and eyes full of so much wonder. He is so observant and curious. 

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