Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is the kids in their new easter clothes. I couldn't resist the matching bow ties for the boys. Conner was so excited about his and wanted to put it that whole day. Lisa whipped out a cute bow that morning for Kate it had a bow on it to match the bows. Taylor didn't want to have his picture taken and Cooper looks like alfalfa. 

Jon can get Cooper to smile like this anytime. He is pretty cute. 

I thought Grandpa looked really pretty that day. 

This was her trying to pout but looking cute at the same time. 

Kate sure loves her Dad and he tells her every day that she is beautiful but now he asks her what she has done to serve and help other people. We are still working on that. 

We had a scavenger hunt and an easter egg hunt with the cousins. 

Kate was so proud that she could read her own name. 

Conner was trying to find one of the clues and apparently it was a little muddy. 

Conner just loves this kid and it always looking out for him and playing with him.  Cooper is lucky to have so many  brothers looking out for him. 

The kids enjoyed finding the clues. 

It led them all over the farm. 

Jon put this clue in the sand and this is the picture he drew. This is me and Jon holding hands. 

Taylor used his Balko Bucks money from his teacher for doing homework to buy these for Kate for Easter. He was so excited to surprise her with them. 
It is so funny how close they are in height. I don't measure them on  purpose because Taylor has a complex about Justin being a little bit taller. Scott and Jessica hid their eggs and it took them awhile to find the eggs. We even had the kids hid   money eggs from Grandma with $20 in them. Brennan and Kyle found them. 

More clue hunting. 

I love this smile from Jon very natural and he is super cute. I am so glad he came out on Saturday. He rode the shame train from Salt Lake for 4 hours to get here. It was so nice to have him drive home. I was so tired and he drove almost the whole way while I slept. He is awesome because I didn't think we were going to have him come. 

We gave the kids books for Easter. Conner was excited to get some phonic books that he could read. 

This is another sign they drew on the sand to lead them to the clue. 

This is one of the drawings we did to help the kids with the clues. I think Jessica drew this one. 

Cooper thought it was so much fun to walk around with a plastic bag even though we didn't put any eggs out with his name on it. He looked so cute in his overalls. 
A cute and big smile from our Kate. I do love having a girl and spoiling her is way too easy. It was a great time with family. I am glad we were able to be there. 

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