Monday, April 8, 2013

Cousin Fun!

We even did Insanity a couple of times. Lisa was good at it. It was hard but lots of fun to do with someone. We walked the other days and ran and Lisa beat me down the driveway. She was super speedy. Thanks Lisa it was fun and the kids even loved doing it with us.

The kids loved recording themselves screaming in this and recording their voices. It was very entertaining to them.

Justin was so proud of himself for braiding these strings together. We brought a whole sack home with us. He wanted a whole ball of twine. We said no because you can just imagine the sting everywhere. He has grand ideas with ideas.

This was his favorite past time. He loved playing in the garbage and was always taking something out of it to eat and he loved the dishwasher and was always climbing on top of it and pulling out sharp knifes.

I put stickers and their toes and painted their fingernails. They had such a great time together. Lisa and I put these stickers on our nails but I didn't get a picture. Super fun!
We made these dinosaur eggs from Our Best Bites by letting the eggs sit in dye overnight. The kids didn't like them because they looked gross and were cold, but hey it was fun.

I love this kids facial expressions. This is the face he made whenever we asked him to pray. He cracks me up.

Kate had to have the pink egg of course.

Lisa braided her hair and she loved it only because she got a treat.

Kate loves all of the girl cousins but doesn't know any of their names. They are so good to hear and include her in all of their fun.

Dad took us caves in Rupert. I think they were the Moss Caves. Taylor found a buffalo bone. They are caves where the indians kept their buffalo after they killed them. I don't how my dad finds the random openings to these caves, but we cheerily climbed in 3 of them.

I think Dad loves it more than the kids look at that giddy smile. He was good to take all of us and I was super glad that I didn't take Cooper. It was hard to hike over the lava rocks with the kids, but they loved it.

The whole crazy clan of 16 grandkids minus a few.

This is what is was like to feed them they filled up the whole table but we loved it. Grandma was so good to feed everyone and not get overwhelmed. We sure loved being there.


Justin brought some rope just incase.

This was one of the openings we went in.

This cave you could hike all around it was a blast.

Conner was really concerned about getting a picture with Grandpa.

Then we went to another cave that you just lift this rock up and then you climb down this ladder into a cave. Grandpa found a black widow spider under the rock wanted to show us the hourglass. Scary it is a wonder we still went down in the cave.

I think Scott liked it just as much as Grandpa.

This is how they kept Charly's glasses on. He was always out that front door. He is such a funny kid.

Jen's kids performed for us. They called themselves the Recyle Band. They wanted to have a talent program. Taylor said that we had to dance. So we tried to do this spanish song while the kids played. Chade danced for us as well. It was hilarious.

Kobe made a maraca with a light bulb that was wrapped in paper mache and then he broke the light bulb. Awesome.

When Jen's kids played they sounded really good. It was fun to watch them.

We sure a lucky to have so many cousins that the kids could play. I loved my cousins growing up they were the best.

Conner had a big smile as he was climbing in the ladder down into the tunnel.

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