Monday, April 8, 2013

Painting with Jessica

We loved meeting Scott's friend Jessica Stoker. The kids always asked when she was coming over. She taught painting classes for three years. I had the brilliant idea of having her come and paint with the kids. Oh Kate made her an egg with yarn that we helped the kids make. She has the kids won over. She would jump with them on the tramp and was so good with them.

So we set up a table outside and let the kids paint for hours. She brought paint and lots of paper and straws so they could blow the paint around. The kids loved it and had such a great time.

 I loved what they came up with. Conner made this volcano.

Justin's sweet tractor.

Conner did the earth with stars and all.

Scott blew them all away with his Larry Boy and he also did a tractor. It is going to go for a very high price on ebay. I thought he was really good at painting. I am just glad they didn't ask me to paint.

Justin really took it serious. Look at him go.

Jessica painted a cow that was great too. Taylor was getting lessons from Scott. The kids had a blast painting. Thanks Jessica!

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