Tuesday, April 2, 2013

St. Patricks Party!

This is the note the leprechaun left us on St. Patrick's Day. The kids found all of his gold all 27 pieces. 
Conner got lost on the way home from school, so we brought this leprechaun home with us. 

This was on our fridge. 
He also turned our house upside down and turned out toilet water green looking for his gold. 

We enjoyed our green milk. 

We had one our favorite families over the Blacks. They were so funny. We got them talking about how they met and we heard some of the funniest stories. Dawn sent Clark a huge size candy bar with this sonnet on the outside of the wrapper that she had paid a company to put on for her. Clark couldn't remember the sonnet but Dawn recited it for us. They were so funny. We had as many green things as we could for dinner with green watermelon punch. 

Cooper was all festive in his green. 

We tried to make shamrocks with pretzels and rolos. It was quite the day. We took the kids to  Toys R'Us to pick out a toy with the money we got from the leprechauns. Justin found a bow just like the ones he got at Christmas time. The first thing he said was, "this is going to save my life." He was totally serious too. Funny kid. 

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