Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 1st b-day Cooper

This kid loves books and loves to find crayons. In church he is really good if you give him a crayon and some paper and he draws. He must see the other kids coloring and is always so excited when he finds a crayon on the ground. I know the picture is blurry but I love his smile.

I made baseball cupcakes for his b-day. I wasn't doing that great of a job and
making the lines. Justin wanted to help so I let him finish them.

This was the cake I made just for him. We will make him a baseball fan yet. 
After he ate his cake he saw someone else have cupcakes and decided to climb up and over
his cake to get on. 

Niko made us pizza for dinner and we had a b-day party for Cooper at her house. 

He was alittle unsure of what to do with the cake. 

We helped him open his gifts that morning. I had to get him one of those wheels that make animal
sounds. I remember we had one growing up that you had to pull with a string. The kids
were more excited than he was. He got clothes, a stuffed horse from Conner. 

I love his smile. Marianne gave him some balloons. That was his favorite
gift and he chases them around the house for hours. 

This is a picture of his scrunched up smile that he does and
his side scoot that he loved to do. 

I bought Conner and Cooper matching shirts that said Good Luck Charm. Conner loves that
sort of stuff. It was hard to get him to smile. 

A year ago. I can't believe how much he has changed. 
A whole year later. I can't believe how fast it went.
His new big stats are.
Height: 28 1/2
Weight: 17'3
My doctor was a little bit worried about him. Besides being in the negative
5th percentile he is so small. I invited her to come and eat dinner with us and then she would know
that this kid can eat. He weighs about a pound less than the other kids did at this age.

He loves to make this face and smack his lips together. 

He loves to climb up the ladder on the play house. Scary and he  even
goes down the slide backwards by himself. He started walking a few weeks before he turned 1 and
it is so funny to see him walking since he is so small. He loves to be outside and play on the slide or in
mud. We love this kid!

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jocie said...

What a darling boy. Congrats on one year!