Friday, March 15, 2013

Taylor's piano recital

Taylor started piano a month ago from Cyndi Howard in our ward. Cooper has decided he is ready to start too and loves to play along with him. I love his teacher and she is super close by our house as well.  She always compliments Taylor and told me how excited she was to have him as her student. She said she loves boys. I love how she only makes him do 15 minutes a night and he has a chart we track it on and he gets points for his attitude. For the most part he is good at practicing. Cyndi has 27 students besides Taylor. Jon was the one that first had the idea and she was the second person I asked in our ward and an opening had just opened up so had room for him. Yeah! 

He played "lost my partner" a duet with his teacher and "Old McDonald had a farm." He did a great job for only taking piano for a month. He wasn't even very nervous.  Way to go Taylor. 


lisa said...

So cool! I look forward to putting my boys in piano too! That's awesome that he's picked it up so quickly! What a stud!

alison said...

Do you guys have a digital piano? If so, how do you like it? I really want to get one. So awesome that Taylor is learning!