Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cooper 11 months

This is what he has been doing this month. He only takes a few steps, but it sure got Conner all excited about it. He would yell at me everytime Cooper would take a step. I thought he would be walking by now, but he can crawl pretty quick and if that doesn't work he does his little side scoot.

He has the prettiest blue eyes and is so curious about everything. He loves balls, balloons and chases them around the house. I loved trying to see him kick the ball and walk at the same time. Poor guy doesn't have much hair. There seems to be long pieces on the top and some coming over his ears. He loves to be outside playing with the kids. He comes in so covered with dirt and mud but all smiles.When someone comes to the front door he tries to escape. He finally will drink out of a sippy cup and had no problem switching over to milk. He loves to cuddle in blankets and if he sees one he will bury his face in it. He loves to get in there and wrestle with the kids. He must be a boy. We just love this kid. He must have high metabolism because he is such a big frantic eater. He is always on the go into the garbage or eating food off of the ground. We are so glad he is our family.
He got his molars on the bottom. Boy when he is happy he is the funniest kid to have around, but if he is not man life is hard. He is good at going to most people but if he sees me then it's over. His brother's do a good job at holding him when I am trying to cook dinner. I got mad at Conner because he kept taking him out of his crib and bringing him down the stairs. Conner is always doing that. No matter if I just put him down for a nap and he is crying he is always getting him out of bed. He told me that he just sits down on his bum and carries Cooper down the stairs on his lap. How can I get mad at him for being so sweet? Conner even took him out of his carseat in front of my friends house because I was taking too long. It is amazing he has almost one. He does have great brothers and Kate that think he is awesome.

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