Tuesday, February 26, 2013

President's weekend

We went to LA for President's weekend. We saw the new house that G&G Snow moved into. It is pretty awesome. The kids loved the balcony. They enjoyed playing with Josh, Ben and Evan. They watched the Magnificent 7 and made Santa Poco with cardboard on the balcony. I love how creative they get. We enjoyed being close to the park and hiking around them. Their home felt like a model home and she had it decorated with style. It is great to have so much space and this is Grandma Snow's dream house. I loved Taylor's comment during scripture study with Grandpa. He asked Taylor if were are living in poverty. We were reading Alma 32. Taylor said we are but my parents are not. I thought that was pretty funny it is Taylor's personality. He really thinks through things. It was so fun to be with them for the weekend. 

This little guy loves to wrestle. This is what he does when you lay on the ground. He loves to roll over you and arch his back and he is super playful. He was in such a good mood. We love him.
They have a community pool and the kids loved playing in the water. It was freezing and they couldn't understand why we couldn't swim in it.

This is another one of his favorite things to do. He loved to climb up the stairs just so he could zip down them. He is so fast coming down them. I love watching him do it.

I love how Justin got into and they had strings on top of it and were trying to lower things down. I am not sure who's idea this was but you can only guess who started this all. They do have the best grandpa that takes off the whole weekend to just spend time with them.

I put curlers in Kate's hair so she could be just like Grandma. It didn't quite turn out that well, but her hair is getting so long. She is not always so excited to have me comb it or do it.

The boys had water they weren't going to swallow. They sure love their Grandpa.

This girl insisted on taking three dolls to the park. Funny girl. It is fun to have a park close by their house.

Grandma made a cute girls play room under the stairs. It has a kitchen and everything that girl could want. She loved it and would just close the door and play with the food and bring us the most choice deserts.

We loved seeing Tim and Jon even went to Jamba Juice to embarass him. He made us the secret ones like peanut butter and jelly. I wasn't that impressed. Tim is great and we are going to be sad when he goes off to BYU.

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lisa said...

Is that a french braid in Kate's hair! Awesome! How fun to see the new place and spend some time with fam.