Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Perfect Day!

  Yesterday was a great day but I wasn't prepared for the perfect ending to the day. It was the normal afternoon we had three kids over most of the day.The normal craziness.
  Then Jon came home at 4:30 after being in Oakland for a meeting. He asked if we wanted to go to Costco and maybe eat dinner there. So I hadn't started dinner. We had just begun the homework, reading and piano routine. Taylor had done bad on a test and so had Justin. So I was trying to figure out how to have them go over that after finishing their normal homework. Cooper had woken up as well and he pretty much is hungry always and he didn't want to be put down. Dinner's are a bit crazy and Justin is always holding him.
  Anyway Jon was so good to take over helping Taylor so I could read with Conner and help Justin. He really made Taylor do more work. Poor Taylor he is smart he just does things so quick that he often gets them wrong. I remember the hours my Dad spent helping me with Math. I dreaded it because he would never give me the answer and I spent hours trying to figure it out. It made me realize that my Dad really cared about me I could have been more grateful. I am glad Jon takes the time to make sure they do well in school. He is always giving them baseball card packs for spelling tests or any great achievement. I know this wasn't any different than any other night, but I was tired and trying to get dinner on and the West's were coming for FHE.
   We barely made it through dinner and Taylor was still working on his Math. I was so grateful he was there last night. He has had more and more late nights. I would tell Jon that it wasn't a big deal to get the kids homework done and get them to bed, but I am glad that to Heavenly Father it was big deal and he knew that I needed him there to help give the kids what they needed.

  As if that wasn't enough. Jon was able to plan FHE and do a great lesson. I felt like we needed to work on being more kind to each other. The kids seem to be fighting more and Conner doesn't let Kate get away with anything. I know that is a good thing, but it involves more drama. Taylor and Justin can get a little crazy as well. So we talked about things they could do to love and serve each other.
  Here is the conversation between Jon and Conner
J-what can you do to serve Kate?
C-long pause.. until Kate pipes in to help him.
K-dance with me.
J-Conner what can you do to help Kate when she is emptying the dishwasher?
C-I can vacuum. We were trying to get them to help each other do jobs.

Their reward is we are going to have a gallon of ice cream and for every scoop they want they have to tell us something they did to serve each other. We will see how that goes. Yeah for perfect endings to long days. I believe in tender mercies. When things get too much the Lord always provides a way for me to get through it. I am so grateful for them and know the Lord is looking out for me and cares about me.


Mindy Gulbranson said...

That made me tear up. I feel so bad that Jon has to work late all the time. Life is just so much better when dads are home at night. I remember too that I hated when dad helped us with our homework he would never give us the answer. Good thing dad was good at Math I don't know if I will even be able to remember all that stuff to help my kids.

lisa said...

You are such a trooper and so glad that him being there made the day so special! So glad you have him! I loved Kate's answer-dance with me. such a cute princess! Love your sweet fam and can't wait to see ya!

Michelle Y. said...

You are such a great mom, we will have to try that too :) I also hated it when my dad helped me with math. My dad was a math teacher and I hated math :) I am so glad Craig works so hard to help Trevor with math, Trevor is almost in tears every night because Craig won't give him the answer, ha ha. Thank goodness our husbands are great at math because I can't to Trevor's math homework.