Thursday, February 21, 2013

valentines fun

Lisa inspired me to make Valentines Day more fun for the kids. I made french toast heart shaped with nutella and strawberries for breaksfast. We eat cereal or oatmeal every day. I know I am not as good at making breaksfast like Mom. So it was a big treat. The kids loved it. Cooper is giving us that serious face that means I am doing my favorite thing leave me alone. I got all of my ideas from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. The boys saw all of her ideas and wanted the pizza of course.

I love how my Mom would do this for us every Valentine's Day. I loved the things she would write more than the candy she gave us. Jon had to give them more baseball cards they seem to never tire of them.

Enjoying our candylight dinner. For a few moments. The candles were too tall and wouldn't stay in so they didn't stay lite long. We had out our fancy plates and some sparkling cider to go with it. Jon didn't get home until we had finished dinner but we enjoyed it anyway.

Conner came home with a wand and a cool heart hand and a fun dog bag he made. I think he kept the hat on all day.

The kids loved the heart pizzas. We even put fresh tomatoes on it for our Dad.

With the extra dough I made personal pan ones for the kids. I even cut the pepperoni into hearts.

This is Taylor's paper about Grandpa Yost.
"My Grandpa is special to me because he is nice to me. He is strong. For his job he sometimes has to lift baby cows to help them drink. He lives in Burley, Idaho. Idaho is mostly open space. In winter it snows. There are alot of trees. Together we walk all over the farm. We go on four wheelers. Together we swim in the canal. Once we went down the canal. I boogie boarded the whole way. Grandpa was swimming on a tire tube. My Grandpa is special because he is a farmer. If there were not farmers there would be no milk, ice cream and many other things. "

For desert we made Jon's favorite. Cherry turnovers in our sandwich makers we take camping. We put them over the stovetop and it was pretty darn good.

Conner has been working on my valentine for a couple of weeks. He cut this box and hid it under my bed and wrote this on it. I love that it said I love Cami with hearts all over it. He was so excited about it. He was so excited for valentine's Day that he said on the day before valentine's day, "I hope the day goes fast so valentines day can come." He makes life fun.

Jon is great and with Kate he picked out some flowers for me and a fun balloon. I love this guy he always seems to keep fresh flowers in the house. It really brightens up my Day.

I made Shona a heart shirt just like Kates' and Niko made Haley one as well. They turned out cute and Kate loves it. We didn't end up making a valentine skirt we made the shirts instead. We even painted toenails and fingernails that day. It was quite the party day. Kate loves them painted and I think I do it almost weekly. She is lucky to have such good friends.

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lisa said...

Oh my! Loved seeing your fun day! You really went all out with cutting the pepperoni's into hearts! You're awesome, and the one who inspires me! I loved Conner's cute note! It really is more about what's said than any candy! :)