Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Valerie and JR moved to Pacific Grove which is an hour and a half from us. Kate loves her girl cousins Rachel and Sarah. We had to really teach Kate their names because she just kept calling them her friends.  We will see them for three weekends in a row. It has been a blast to have family close by. We are going to help each other get to the temple. Awesome.

We spent the night with Valerie because JR was in Utah and helped get her to stake conference. She fed us great food and was so excited that we could fit around her kitchen table. The boys love their cousins as well.

Cooper sat and chilled on Jon while they listened to music on his DS.

Kate's forehead looks so much better after she hit her trundle bed and had a pretty deep cut. They ended up gluing it shut. You could see her skull it was pretty gross but you can hardly tell now. I loved what she said on the way to the ER. "Kid's don't go to the doctor's only ladies do." "I don't want to get a shot." "It hurts for blood to come out of my body." She had her princess nightgown on and the doctor said, " I didn't know we had a princess here." She was very brave and I am just glad it wasn't worse.

Look at Coopers smile. He is a cute kid.

The house they live in is 100 years old and so awesome. It is very quirky and literally down the street from the beach. We walked down there on Sunday before we left. It was so beautiful.

Rachel is 2 and super cute.

Cooper didn't like the snuglie very long and was content to be with the kids in his bare feet in the grass.

Jon looks pretty handsome in his gruffy face.

The kids just wanted to climb all over everything and we definitely stayed away from the water.

Cooper is getting so much hair look at it blow in the wind.

His smile always makes me smile big. It is very genuine and always there on the demand. Conner is a great kid. My favorite thing he always says is "Oh sick." He uses that phrase just about as much as he shrugs his shoulders.


Snow Flakes said...

Holy Cow I am soooooo jealous. Just about everyday Willy or I says "We miss the cousins" and now they live by you and you got to go to their cool new house by the beach. Wah Wah Wah, that's me crying my eyes out. Thanks for posting pictures otherwise it would be so lonely

Snow Flakes said...

so so loney. Just looked at all the pictures again. I miss the cousins.

lisa said...

So Fun! It is the BEST to have family close by!!! :) Your kids are so cute, and they look like they've grown! Can't wait to see you!