Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2nd cousins

We went to the Oakland Zoo with our good friends the Holmes. I love it because it is close by and you can do the whole thing in a couple of hours. It is always quite the party with Niko and her kids. The kids never tire of having them over to eat or play even if they have been over 3 times that week. Taylor had a notepad and was drawing all of the animals. Niko's mother in law went with us and she gave the kids some tickets so they could go on the rides. We have never taken the kids on the rides. It is kind of separate from the zoo and not cheap. They got to do one ride each. Taylor is not super excited about roller coasters but we made him go on this little one and he liked it. Kate and Bridger and Conner loved the airplane ride. The sun was shining  and it was so nice to be outside. 

Another adventure with the Holmes. 

We went to ArdenWood farms with the Holmes on a Saturday. Mason was super excited about all of these monarch butterflies that were supposed to be on this tree migrating to Mexico. Well we were disappointed that it was a super nice day and they were flying all around and not in one big cluster. We were told they were thousands of them. We managed to find one dead one, that looks alive when Kate is touching it and this girl had a live one on her hands. The kids didn't care they got to work building a shelter in case we planned on staying the night. Kate picked flowers, Cooper continued to fight his fever and was miserable. We walked around and cranked some water out of a pipe looked at some animals and watched the kids smile. It was beautiful outside and always fun to go with the Holmes. Maybe next year we will see more of them. I was excited that it was going to be a cool photography moment and still had fun anyway. 

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