Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cooper 9 Months

Cooper has such bright eyes full of mischief. His 9 month stats are
Height: 27"
Weight: 15 lbs 12 oz.
Head cir: 45 cm
He loves to be where I am or where the kids are. He loved the Christmas ordnaments and playing with the tree and of course all of the paper Christmas day. He is still not brave enough to walk, but he has mastered coming down the stairs. He comes down just as fast as he goes up. He does like to push things around, like bar stools until they fall over he knocked over his high chair. He reminds me of Justin just how busy he was. Justin crawled when Cooper did and walked at 9 months , but Cooper is in no big hurry, me neither. He has 7 teeth and boy eating is way more fun than playing for him.  His new thing is when he gets excited and you are holding him he will jump up and down in your arms. He is quite proud of himself. He loves to be outside in the dirt and leaves. He is all boy. Sleeping is not also his favorite thing, but we are working on that. We are looking for a cure to keep him our baby forever. We love this little guy!

I accidently left the dishwasher lid down and came back to this. First he climbed up, then he had to stand up of course, then he found a sharp knife( I spared you the picture of that and just took it away), lastly he tried to pull the top door out and hang onto it. Just to keep track of him while I clean I let him stand there and play with the dishes. He is such a smart kid. If he doesn't want a drink a water then he pushes it away. If he doesn't want something you feed him(which is rare) then he will just take it out of his mouth and play with it.  


Tonja said...

What a cute little guy! If you find the cure for keeping him a baby I'd love to have it too!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Lucy also loves the dishwasher. I love his blue eyes. He's so so cute. I wish we could see you more.