Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cooper 10 months

We just love Cooper. He is very quick to head outside when the door opens.  He loves dirt, sticks and  I even have this plant on the ground in our house and he loves to pull dirt out of it and eat it. I don't let him out as much as I should with all the mud outside so he loves to stand by the window and watches the kids play. He is very quick to grab things off of the table or get into things he shouldn't. He is very curious and finding out he can climb things. He can zoom down the stairs now. He has mastered them for sure. He is hilarious to watch. As for food he doesn't like broccoli and has now started eating boiled eggs. He is not picky he even likes to eat lint off of the floor. He likes to go under the table after he eats and clean up what he dropped. He will even lift up his chair to get more food out. 

Next to food being outside is his favorite thing. Both hands have to have something in them. I thought he would be walking by now. He does this sideways scoot on one knee and gets around quick. He occasionally takes a step or two, but he is standing up by himself all of the time. I can't get him to drink out of a sippy cup but if I take the lid off it he will drink it. He does this thing where he pushes the cup away with his hand and there is no way he is going to drink it. He loves to take a bath because the kids always have a cup in there. He will fill it up and drink so much water before I realize it. We are glad we moved him up the quirky room it is warmer and most nights he sleeps through the nights. He has been in our walk in closet for 9 months. If he wakes up Justin is the only one that hears him and he will come and get me. He has a mouthful of teeth and is getting more. He was sick a lot this month with fevers and I held him a lot but when he feels good he can be so playful. He is super ticklish. He hates it when we put him on our bed but because he knows he can't get down. The kids think he is so funny when he buries himself in blankets when he is tired. Conner is always putting things in his crib to make him go to bed. I find toys, blankets, a piece of material. I never know what I am going to find. I got mad at Conner for taking him out of bed one day and bringing him down the stairs. He told me he just sits down on his bum and takes him down on his lap. I guess I can't argue too much on that point because he just loves his brother. We are grateful for the joy he brings and how much he makes us smile. We love our little Cooper. 

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